There is a very large class of people that own 65/66 Mustangs that, as far as I can tell, anyway, have been, for the most part, ignored entirely. They don't really want that 100 pt. show car that is so nice and was soooo expensive that they're afraid to drive it, they also don't want to make their car capable of achieving warp factor three. They just want this car that they dearly love to be able to cruise around smoothly and reliably, without having it dump them out on the side of the road or have it start making weird noises or belching out big clouds of funky-smelling smoke. And I think, truth be told, that this is by far the largest class of Mustang owners. They take their car to some technician when what they actually need is a mechanic, and this, frequently, does not work out very well at all for the owner. They don't want to re-engineer the entire car, they just want someone to fix what broke. These are the people that I am trying help out with this blog. Some problems require a little bit of back and forth, as in, "Try this." "I tried that and it didn't change anything."
" Oh. well, you probably need to try that." " I tried that and it helped, but it still isn't quite right." "Now you need to try this...." If you go to http://www.allfordmustangs.com/ and then go to the classics forums, you will be able to do that with a pretty hefty gathering of some very knowledgeable people that also happen to be very friendly. None of that ridiculous one-upmanship, no flaming or abuse, none of that stuff. Just good, solid advice from people that know what they are talking about.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1965 Mustang build date

Here is the list of VIN data that I've been collecting for a while. This is just for the 64 1/2 Dearborn cars, but, I'll be posting the rest of the 65/66 stuff that I have as I type it up. If you want to estimate the scheduled production date of your car, just click on this http://www.allfordmustangs.com/forums/classic-tech/278593-64-1-2-vin-data.html#post2408151 then click on the PDF link and scroll down the list until you find cars with sequential numbers ( the last six digits of the VIN) that are close to yours, and that will get you very close to what your's probably was. Ford destroyed the records for the 65/66 cars, so, there is no way to know for certain what the scheduled production date for a car would have been, but, this will allow you to come up with the absolute best estimate possible from any source.

I have just added the 64 1/2 San Jose cars. The pdf for that is in post #4. I've already started organizing the 65 Dearborn cars, and, will be posting that soon.


Joe F said...

Hello Veronica,
I'm bad at all this blogging stuff, so could be writing in the wrong place. But, as I attemtpt to keep my dad's 1965 200 hp Mustang on the road and running, your site has been the best I've found. The diagrams are great and I can understand what you are saying. My dad bought his 65 from Pat Miliken in Detroit while working in the Ford Steel Mill. He thinks he might have made the steel that the car eventually had. I'm the guy working on the backup lights but my new quest is the cigarette lighter. I have power going to the lighter from testing it with a power/light tester but when I push the lighter in it does not heat up. I'm thinking it should just be a simple contact being made. Can the lighter be bad. What do I do next if I have power.

Veronica said...

Hi Joe. Thank you, that is very kind of you. Don't worry about where you put any questions that you might have. Occasionally, I get comments from some pretty wacky people, so, I have it set so that the comments come to my email inbox first. That way, I can look at them first before they appear publicly. I will see your comments in my inbox no matter where they might be heading. If the wire that plugs into the back of the lighter shows power, and the lighter itself does not work, then, you are correct in deducing that the lighter itself is the problem. And, yes, they do fail.But, fortunately, a new one is readily available from any vendor of vintage Mustang parts, like NPD or CJ Pony, and they are very reasonably priced. They also have new sockets. To remove the old one, all that you have to do is unplug the wire, unscrew that sleeve on the back of the socket behind the dash, push it through the front, and then install the new one. Sometimes the socket is a little bit difficult to unscrew, since it has been sitting right there for nearly half a century, but, it does indeed unscrew.

Matt Marchal said...


How are you? You helped me years ago on a "build date" question. Similar question now: "I have a 1964-1/2 Mustang with VIN 5F07D201284. Can you estimate the Dearborn build date from unit #? THANKS!

Matt in St. Louis, MO

Veronica said...

Hi, Matt. I'm well. And yourself? The scheduled production date of your car would have been about 16G, which is July 16 of 64. I went ahead a posted my list of 64 1/2 Dearborn cars here. http://thecareandfeedingofponies.blogspot.com/2013/12/vin-data-for-dearborn-built-64-12.html I add to it as I find more information on cars.

Veronica said...

It appears that the link I posted isn't something that you can click on, so, if you just click on the December of 2013 in the side bar and and scroll down you'll see the whole list.